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Quokka’s 2013 Caribbean Season Gets Started!

Quokka is tonight berthed ‘stern too’ in the stunning Antigua YachtClub Marina, surrounded by some of the largest and most magnificent super yachts in the World, including the 280 foot Maltese Falcon!  At 0900 our time (1300 GMT) we shall slip the shelter of the beautiful Falmouth Harbour as we head to the start line of our first race of the 2013 season, the gruelling RORC Caribbean 600 Race, which promises to be a somewhat tough race this year!

With the forecasted wind not expected to drop below 20 knots we can anticipate a rough ride as for much of the race there is no shelter from the trade winds that have been blowing hard across the Atlantic for months!  On the positive, whilst it will be wet and windy, the sea temperature is about 25 degrees at the moment!

We will be competing against some of the fastest race yachts in the world, all crewed by some of the worlds elite sailors.  With over 50 boats entered in the race this one promises to be a classic as the RORC Caribbean 600 continues to grow in popularity.

Quokka is in great shape and ready for action as we kick start our Caribbean adventure.  We have had four days of training and preparation with the team in the most perfect conditions and are now raring to get started.  Our routing software is suggesting a fast and furious race which could be completed for us in just three days!  ICAP Leopard are hoping for just under two days and we are looking forward to resuming our close rivalry with Scarlet Oyster, who had the edge on us for the ARC.  Now it is hopefully payback time as we are going to give it everything to level the score sheet!

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